4 Things to Pack Away Before Showing your Home for Sale

Showing your home for sale is an exciting experience, but 30A real estate sellers may often wonder, “what is the best way to stage my home to appeal to potential buyers?”

Obviously, you want your space to look neat and tidy, but the need to remove items that have become a backdrop of your day-to-day life may be less apparent.

“Professional home stagers recommend you remove 50% of your personal items,” according to Opendoor, but deciding what should stay and what should go can be overwhelming. Here are the five things you will want to pack away before showing your 30A Florida home for sale.

Family photos

Family photos and personal effects are what make a house a home, right? This is often true, but it may be hard for potential homeowners to imagine themselves making a space their home if they are surrounded by photos of a family they do not know.  Agents say, “depersonalizing is a big part of prepping for showings. You need to make room for the potential new owner, and their life is probably different than yours,” according to Homes and Gardens. Go ahead, gather and pack away the family portraits, and cover the blank wall space with some tasteful art pieces instead.


You don’t want the excitement of home selling to be tarnished by losing something of monetary or sentimental value. Be sure to keep costly jewelry, electronics, medications, and even expensive cosmetics out of reach. With potential home buyers walking through every room in the house, sometimes unattended, it may be wise to remove valuables from the home altogether.

Kids’ stuff

Throughout their childhood, kids require a lot of extra accessories, from bottles and baby swings to bicycles and craft supplies. While these items may not even cross your radar as a parent, someone looking for a new place may be turned off by these items, as they make the house look too “lived in.” House Digest points out that now may be a great time to sort children’s things to organize, pack or donate.

Personal items

Diplomas and mail may seem like small details that should be inconsequential to selling your home. However, anything with your name printed on it makes you searchable online to curious buyers. Additionally, you want the showing to be all about the buyer, and personal items strewn about the house will not get that message across.

Be Ready To Show Your Home With Counts Real Estate

The most important thing to remember when staging your Florida home for sale is that you want the buyer to be able to picture themselves in the space. Hiding the above items can certainly achieve that goal. Contact the skilled realtors at Counts Real Estate on 30A today for more assistance, pro tips, and a personalized Florida panhandle real estate selling experience!

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