Landscaping: The View into Your Home

The landscaping around your home is one of the first things people notice. You want to ensure it looks great, and it doesn’t take a lot of money or time to ensure that it does. Minor, inexpensive upgrades can significantly boost curb appeal and increase your home’s value- putting money in your pocket.

Of course, DIY’ing it is the way to go when you’re looking to save money. Keep reading to discover quick landscaping DIY ideas for less than $1,000.

Refreshing Your Front Yard

The front yard is the lens into your home. You want to ensure it’s inviting and clean, and making it as such isn’t a challenging task. To give a minor refresh or makeover, consider adding:

Don’t Neglect the Backyard

The front yard is the first look people have at your home, but the backyard is also important because that’s where you — or a new buyer — will spend time. It’s often the last impression, and one of the most memorable, people will have of your home. Here are some quick and inexpensive additions and changes to your backyard to make it the best hangout spot on the block:

Check Your Home’s Value with Counts Real Estate Group

After you’ve put in the sweat equity on your home’s landscaping projects, the experts at Counts Real Estate Group can help you see your home’s new value. Whether you are looking for an investment property, a vacation home, or to relocate to the Northwest Florida Panhandle, our knowledgeable team has years of experience helping families, professionals, and retirees find their dream homes. Find an agent online or call us at (850) 249-3615.

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