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The city’s official website describes Apalachicola as “a close-knit community of hard-working, friendly people who enjoy the good life that thorough historical preservation, beautiful wildlife, and easy water access allow.” 

And we think that’s the perfect description of this beautiful city- rooted in history and giving those who crave the “Salt Life” a great sense of community. 

For those looking to relocate to the Florida Panhandle, it’s time to consider Apalachicola. Apalachicola has so much to offer- great waterfront views, unique, fresh, local seafood, rich history, and boundless opportunities.

Exploring Apalachicola

There are two ways to witness everything in Apalachicola — by land and by water. To fully experience the charm and beauty of the city, we recommend both. 

Take the bridge to St. George Island for 22 miles of unspoiled waterfront views to see some of Florida’s most beautiful and relatively unvisited by tourists. St. George Island is one of the few pet-friendly beaches in Florida so that the whole family can have a fun and relaxing day playing in the water, fishing, kayaking, and more. Several great boutique hotels and bed-and-breakfasts are on the island, making it the perfect weekend getaway for locals. You won’t find any high-rises here, making it feel like you’ve stepped into Florida of the past. 

Battery Park is located on the Gulf and has a fishing pier. It’s the site of the annual Florida Seafood Festival, which serves as a fundraiser for the park. Downtown at Riverfront Park, you can view the shrimp boats docked. 

We recommend one of Apalachicola’s excellent seafood restaurants to taste the area’s flavors. Our favorites are: 

  • Up the Creek Raw Bar — a great waterfront restaurant with oysters, shrimp, crab, and more. 
  • Half Shell Dockside — another great local spot with live music, trivia on Wednesdays, and bingo on Mondays. 


Daily Life In Apalachicola 

The Franklin County School District services students living in Apalachicola. Apalachicola Bay Charter School currently has about 875 students in grades pre-kindergarten- eighth, and Franklin County School has just under 1,000 students in grades kindergarten- 12th. 

Highway 98 runs through Apalachicola and will take you where you need to go. To the east, it will take you to the Apalachicola National Forest and down through the Southern peninsula of Florida. To the west, 98 will take you to the famous beach towns of Panama City, Destin, and Pensacola.  

A City Rich In History

One cannot visit Apalachicola without exploring the rich history of the area. “Apalachicola” is “an Indian word interpreted as a ridge of earth produced by sweeping the ground in preparation for a council or peace fire.” Over time, this translation has turned into “the land of friendly people.” Remains have been found in the area that dates to around 2000 BCE, and estimates claim the population could have reached upwards of 40,000 people. Apalachicola became known for its timber industry from the 1800s through the 1920s, and the seafood industry has had the most significant impact on Apalachicola. Shrimp are plentiful in the bay, as well as the famous oysters and plenty of saltwater fish varieties. 

The area’s history is evident in the local John Gorrie Museum State Park and Orman House Historic State Park. Plan a weekend trip to learn more and appreciate history while looking to the future. 

Making A Move To Apalachicola 

Apalachicola has so much to offer- great waterfront views, unique, fresh, local seafood, rich history, and boundless opportunities. Home appreciation is up 6.5% in Apalachicola, and the median home price is $196,900- well below the state average of $407,000. 

When you’re ready to call Apalachicola home, the experts at Counts Real Estate in Panama City are prepared to walk you through the process. Our team knows the area and can keep you informed of market trends and recently sold properties and help you make the best investment possible. Contact us online today to get the process started.

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