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Blue Mountain is Named for the blue lupine flowers that christen the steep dunes of the beach. Blue Mountain Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches along Scenic Highway 30A. Blue Mountain Beach is between Grayton and Santa Rosa Beach and boasts the highest elevation point in South Walton at 65 feet. If seaside villages and pristine beaches are your style, let Counts Real Estate help you find a 30A home to call your own. 

Getting Out and About in Blue Mountain Beach

Although it is considered a hidden gem since it’s not as well-known as some other beach towns along the Emerald Coast, Blue Mountain Beach is known for its laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere. 

If breathtaking views and relaxing beaches are what you’re looking for, Blue Mountain Beach is one of the least crowded beaches in South Walton. The sugary white sand is comprised of white quartz crystal and contrasts beautifully against the brilliant turquoise waters. The hills and dunes give you an alluring, sweeping view of the beaches and the Gulf. 

Grayton Beach State Park, Point Washington State Forest, and the Timpochee Bike Trail are all nearby and will not disappoint if you’re into adventure and exploration. 

Dubbed the Third Most Beautiful Beach in America by Forbes Magazine, Grayton Beach State Park features nearly 2,000 acres of protected forest and wetlands. The state park is home to various vegetation and wildlife, including Lob Lolly Pines, Magnolias, Palmetto Palms, American Bald Eagles, Gray Foxes, White-Tailed Deer, and the intermittent Black Bear. Explore the park via the nature path on foot or by bike, and check out the State Park’s Coastal Dune Lake by canoe or kayak. 

You can also hike, ride a bike, or go horseback riding through the 15,000+ acres of Point Washington State Forest. There’s plenty to investigate and explore with prairies, swamplands, longleaf and cypress trees, and more than 27 miles of trail systems. 

Additionally, the Timpochee Bike Trail runs through 18.5 miles of beach access points, dune lakes, and neighborhoods. While tourists often make a day trip out of riding the trail, residents can take their time exploring it and all the stops along the way. You may discover the perfect beach relaxation spot or a new favorite eatery. 

Diverse Cuisine at Blue Mountain Beach 

Whether you’re craving seafood, barbecue, or ice cream, Blue Mountain Beach has you covered with several options. You can sip on a Red Fish Rita while you feast on empanadas, Jamaican Jerk chicken, or taco logs at Red Fish Taco. Or, try the smoked brisket or Blue Mabel Burger and see why Blue Mabel is described as not just a restaurant but a presence. If sweets are your thing, cool down with homemade ice cream at the Blue Mountain Beach Creamery. They also offer dairy-free and gluten-free options, so they have something for practically everyone. 

Make Yourself at Home at Blue Mountain Beach

There are plenty of real estate possibilities on the West End of 30A, no matter if you’re looking for a stylish villa, a classy condominium, or a quaint bungalow. Shop Blue Mountain Beach homes with Counts Real Estate today!

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