Whether you are interested in becoming a real estate agent or wondering how you pay an agent after buying or selling a home, learn all the details with Counts Real Estate. Real estate agents in Florida have many ways to make money, but one thing is for sure: they all have one goal: to help their customers buy or sell a home. 

How Do Real Estate Agents Make Money

As a real estate agent in Florida, you can make money through commission, a percentage of a home’s sale price. This commission is typically split between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent. 

Types of Commissions

One way that real estate agents in Florida make money is by listing homes for sale. When a homeowner wants to sell their home, they will typically hire a real estate agent, also known as a Realtor, to list their home on the Florida Homes For Sale market. The listing agent will then market the property and show it to potential buyers. When a buyer is found, and the sale is completed, the listing agent will earn a commission, typically around 5-6% of the sale price.


Another way that real estate agents in Florida make money is by working with buyers. When a buyer is looking for a home, they will typically work with a buyer’s agent. The buyer’s agent will help the buyer find homes that fit their criteria and schedule showings of the homes. The buyer’s agent will earn a commission if the buyer purchases a home. In Florida, this commission is usually around 2-3% of the sale price. For example, if a property sells for $300,000, the buyer’s real estate agent would earn a commission of $6,000-$9,000.


Real estate agents in Florida specifically also make money by representing both the buyer and the seller in a transaction. This is known as a dual agency, and it can be a bit controversial. However, it is legal in Florida if the agent follows certain rules and guidelines. In this scenario, the agent will earn a commission from both the sale and the purchase of the home.

Alternative Income Streams

Many real estate agents have expertise in other areas of real estate that they may charge additional fees for.

Home Staging

In addition to the commission, Florida real estate agents can make money by offering additional services. For example, some agents may charge a fee for staging a home before it is put on the market. 

Referral Fees

Another potential income stream is referral fees. This occurs when an agent refers a client to another agent in a different market. For example, if an agent in Alabama refers a client to an agent in Florida, the Alabama agent may earn a referral fee.


Real estate agents in Florida can earn money by working with investors and investment groups. Investors often purchase multiple properties at once, leading to a significantly increased amount of commission for the agent compared to the commission on a single property.

Educational Resources

Lastly, many agents will earn money by having a website or blog which offers real estate-related information and services, for example, providing real estate market updates, virtual tours, and other related services.

Working With Counts Real Estate

There are many ways that real estate agents in Florida can make money. Whether it’s through listing homes for sale, working with buyers, representing both the buyer and the seller, offering additional services, working with investors, earning referral fees, or having a website or blog that offers real estate-related information, there are many opportunities for agents to earn a living in the Florida real estate market.


Agents should be upfront about fees. Our agents at Counts Real Estate strive to provide honest service with experience that can’t be beaten. Learn more about our agents online and check out our office locations to get started buying or selling your Florida Panhandle home. 

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