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One of the panhandle’s most beautiful and extensive beaches, Inlet Beach boasts a range of attractions to satisfy just about anyone – so long as you can appreciate a little slice of paradise! Vast stretches of pristine, sugar-white beaches with some awe-inspiring dunes make this “Old Florida” area a top spot for residents.


Camp Helen State Park

Camp Helen sits between Lake Powell and the open Gulf waters. It offers swimming, hiking, and fishing opportunities over its 180-acre park. Camp Helen is well known for its birdwatching opportunities if you’re looking for a relaxing and laid-back time.

Lake Powell

To the north of Camp Helen State Park, you’ll find Lake Powell, a rare natural dune lake. Walton county is one of two places where they occur. If you catch Lake Powell on a day with a high waterline, you may notice the lake “outfalling” into the Gulf — a sight to behold.

If you’d rather swim or kayak than a hike, Lake Powell has you covered. The lake extends over 13 acres of protected land and surrounds the town, meaning you’ll have quick access whether you’re coming or going to the lake for a day of fun in the sun.

Beach Living

South Walton features plenty of amenities beyond its beautiful natural landscapes (or seascapes). With over 200 restaurants, you’re unlikely to find yourself short of dining options. Some local standouts include The Bay, where you can catch award-winning waterfront seafood, and Amici 30A, an authentic Italian restaurant with incredible pizzas prepared in a Marsal Pizza Oven. Or, if you’re looking for an upscale but casual place to enjoy a few drinks, try Shades Bar & Grill.

Another local curiosity is The Underwater Museum of Art. The museum “marries art with conservation.” This means it features tons of handmade sculptures entirely submerged in the water – meaning you’ll have to dive to visit. It’s undoubtedly one of the more intriguing places to go for a scuba dive, and it’s also designed to bolster the local marine habitat. The sculptures act as a sort of artificial reef for marine life.

Not all the local art in South Walton is underwater. The underwater museum is one of many galleries in a city with an internationally renowned art community.

Looking For a Home in Beautiful Inlet Beach?

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