Counts Real Estate Open House

Scenic 30A
South Walton

Virtual Open House

We understand if you can’t make it to today’s Open House in person. Perhaps you live out of town, or just wayyyy to busy fitting in and enjoying some well deserved beach time! If that’s the case, we can bring the open house right to the comfort of your own device! Simply click on one of the tours below to get started.

Craving something simple, sweet and fruity? Serve this easy-to-make pistachio and cherry pull-apart crescent treat for a special holiday morning. Pillsbury™ Original Crescent Rolls (arranged in a tree shape if you’re feeling extra festive!) get topped with a rich frosting and “trimmed” with cherries and pistachios. You’re sure to spread some holiday spirit with this fun breakfast roll. Press play to learn how to make these for your next get together.

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