Many subdivisions are being built with smaller garden homes and lot sizes. This crammed neighborhood doesn’t leave much space between houses; you might feel like your neighbor can just see right into your backyard. Although getting to know your neighbor will help eliminate the awkward encounters in a close area, you might want to consider upgrading for additional privacy.

Check out these tips for creating privacy in a tight neighborhood.

Creating Privacy In Your Home

There are many ways to create privacy at home from your neighbors. These include things like:

Discover more ways to optimize your privacy in a tight neighborhood.

Covering Your Windows

A quick and easy way to add privacy to your home is to install blinds on the windows or hang curtains. Hanging blinds or curtains will keep nosey neighbors from peeping inside your home. There are many options available, and you can find curtains and blinds to fit your interior decor.

Another option is to tint your windows. Tinting can be pricier and may not provide a total block unless you opt for a one-way tint, but it will make it harder to see inside.

Hanging Houseplants

Hanging house plants from your curtain rods will not block the windows, but it will help obstruct someone’s view. Hanging plants up is an excellent option for those who need just a little more privacy on top of what they already have. Look for houseplants that hang low and grow like a vine. These will add coverage as they grow. Some of the best hanging plants are:

Fencing Your Yard

The most obvious option for adding privacy to your yard is to put up a privacy fence. These fences are often tall, around 6 feet, and with little room between the fence slates. This makes it nearly impossible to look into the yard. Building a privacy fence can be expensive, and you must check with your Homeowner’s Association about any regulations or rules.

A privacy fence serves other purposes other than just creating privacy. It will create a safer space with children to play in the yard, and it will keep pets contained in your yard.

Adding Garden Trellises

If you feel your yard is too small to add a privacy fence, consider adding garden trellises along the edge like a fence. This will provide less privacy than a fence right away, but with vining plants, the view could be even more obstructed. Clematis and Trumpet Vine plants are great options. This trellis method will also create a safe zone for children and pets.

Find The Perfect Home

When shopping for a new home, you don’t have to limit yourself to a particular lot size, thinking you will not have privacy. Counts Real Estate in Inlet Beach can help you find the right place and suggest some upgrades or modifications so you can visualize yourself in the home.

Our expert Counts Real Estate agents are equipped to help you find the perfect home along the Florida panhandle. Contact our Inlet Beach office today to start your house hunting journey.

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