At first glance, a day spent lying poolside outside your home sounds like an ideal way to kick back, relax, and savor the summer. While it may be a great way to beat the blistering Floridan heat, the reality is, sometimes the old homage, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,” rings true. Owning a private pool certainly does come with its pros and its cons.

Consider The Value Vs. Cost

Does a pool add any additional value to your home? Whether or not a pool adds value is a loaded question. There are factors at play when considering whether a pool adds value to your property, including but not limited to:

For some, the enjoyment received from swimming, splashing, and summer fun may be enough to not worry about getting a solid return on your investment. However, some private pools, whether inground or above, fall victim to lack of use. Prospective home buyers are more attracted to pools that offer the luxury of immediate use. In contrast, a pool that needs repair is dirty is less likely to be viewed favorably amongst potential buyers.

Pro #1 — Convenience During The Hot Florida Summer

With temperatures regularly soaring past 85-90 degrees during Florida’s hot summer months, it’s no surprise that a pool is most people’s answer to combating Florida’s “dog days.”  Besides the obvious appeal of taking a dip in cool water amongst sweltering heat, a privately owned pool also offers other lifestyle conveniences.

A pool in the backyard and a gathering of your neighbors sounds like a great summer day. Families and homeowners benefit socially from a pool’s added social value to the backyard. Transform your backyard into the social gathering headquarters of your block!

Additionally, if you’re the type of person who loves to take a swim on a warm summer day but just can’t be bothered by the hoards of people who flock to the community pool, a privately owned pool offers plenty of pleasant privacy.

Pro #2 — A Good Look To An Already Great Home

A well-located and designed pool can seamlessly tie together and transform your backyard living space from gloom to glam. A quality pool does more than accentuate a backyard. It can also complement the interior of your home, not just in design but also as an added view.

Pro #3 — A Multi-Function Area

An increase in sunshine can improve your mental health. No other weather variables impact mental health and well-being. A pool will give you a space to enjoy sitting around.

Much like sunshine positively affects your mood, so does exercising. Private swimming pools can act as another tool for improving mood through exercise. Not only is a swimming pool your personal spa, but it also doubles as a great place to get some cardio. Few other activities can claim the full body benefit that a couple of laps in the pool can.

Con #1— Pool Maintenance

Having a pool of any kind requires maintenance to keep the pool sparkling and fresh. Forbes estimates it costs, on average, $180 per month to keep a pool from looking like a primordial pond. Below is a breakdown of average costs for the week, month, and year to upkeep a pool.

Con #2 — Safety Concerns

Of course, like anything fun or worth doing, having a pool comes with risks. Of the most notable and obvious concerns is drowning, especially concerning younger children. Supervision should be present whenever younger children or the elderly are in the pool area. Under the Swimming Pool Safety Act, the Florida legislature recommends preventative measures like having an approved safety cover, a type of barrier such as a fence or gate, or an exit alarm that sounds if anything enters or exits the pool while the alarm is set.

Is It Really Worth It?

Is a pool really worth it? The answer to that is still a loaded question and depends on several factors. One way to determine if a private swimming pool is a right fit is to weigh the expense vs. the expected value.

To begin, the expense of a pool is no easy undertaking and depends on the type of pool, the shape, and the size. An average pool is around 14ft by 28ft, which is estimated to cost anywhere from 30-50 thousand dollars for an inground concrete pool. Notwithstanding the additional cost for maintenance, an inground pool is expensive; however, if done right will typically increase the value of your property.

An inground pool is only sometimes the answer, and some may opt for an above-ground pool. While not typically considered permanent, nor will it add as much resale value as the latter option, an above-ground pool is still a great choice that won’t break the bank.

Ultimately, what you pay for the pool, how much you expect to use it, and the enjoyment it brings are some of the most significant factors when considering a pool’s suitability. A good rule to consider before purchasing a pool is to aim to pay at most 15-20 % of what you paid for the house.

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