Sherwin-Williams has officially unveiled its 2023 Color of the Year. Redend Point is a warm neutral with pink undertones that was featured on their Nexus palette. The goal of this palette is to invoke the sense of warmth a loving home can bring. This grounding color will bring delicate beauty to whatever room it is used.

Sherwin-Williams 2023 Paint Color of the Year

Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, a lover of simplicity or full glam, there is a way to incorporate this blushing beige into your home. Because this color has pink undertones, it has a versatility that not all neutrals have. While neutral enough to be the primary color in any room, it still has enough pigmented interest to be used as an accent color.

All-Over Wall Color

The simplest way to incorporate this color is to paint all the walls in a room. It then becomes the backdrop for the furniture and art pieces. Bring in bright colors and elements that will stand out against this warm backdrop.

Use complimentary colors to make the room pop and add interest. Try navy blues, forest greens, oranges, and yellows. Gold goes magnificently with warm pink tones.

Play up the pink. Bring out that blushing aspect with pink accents like curtains, pillows, or art pieces that tie in the undertones in this color with the items in the room.

Use bold patterns. If you love prints and bright multicolored rugs, keep Redend Point subtle and make those pieces the spotlight of the room.

Focal Point

Use Redend Point as a focal wall paint color. Paint the other three walls a lovely white and make the fourth Redend Point.

Another option is to keep all four walls white and paint the ceiling in Redend Point. This makes a fun statement and allows you to incorporate various pink items into the room to make it cohesive. You can still have fun with complementary colors and patterns, but there is something light and airy about a white and pink room.


Using Redend Point as a base color, bring vintage furniture and satin fabrics. Create a room or bedroom reminiscent of an older age where opulence was treasured. Pink on pink can make a statement if done correctly. The key is allowing another color to break up the various pinks. With Redend Point as the wall color, a softer, lighter pink on an area rug adds depth. Use furniture that leans more towards pinky whites and is accented in gold. Glass chandeliers or vases with pink and white flowers will add an extra touch of old-age glam.

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