Putting a house on the market is more than just selling a building to someone. It is convincing them that this house will be home. If someone can picture their life in that home, they will be much more likely to buy it. They need to believe that this house fits into their dream for the future.

Tips And Tricks For Staging A Home For Sale

Staging is a marketing technique that helps the home sell for as much and as quickly as possible. It gives potential buyers an idea of what their life could look like. Rather than creating catalog-style rooms that would be seen on a showroom floor, staging for potential buyers involves personality. The rooms need to feel homey while still providing a sense of opportunity.

Try incorporating these tips and tricks to showcase your home to potential buyers.

The Basics

These steps are essential in www. If this is all you do, you’ll still be presenting your home in a way that will appeal to buyers.

  1. Deep clean. Spend extra time removing stains on the carpet, dusting off the furniture, washing the outside of the house, tidying the hedges, and giving some extra TLC to those long-forgotten crevices. You want to remove anything that could be causing odors you have become “nose-blind” to. Make sure any place a pet or child has messed up is cleaned up.
  2. Declutter and remove personal items. A crowded space filled with family photos and other things that indicate someone else lives there can dissuade the potential buyer from envisioning themselves in the room. Instead of seeing themselves there, they feel like they are intruding and will have a more challenging time removing that mental block. If you have clutter, any decoration you do to stage will be undermined since people will be distracted by the messiness.
  3.  Neutralize themed rooms and bold colors. Themed rooms for fans and children can add personality and fun to someone’s home. However, if you are trying to sell, having too much individuality and unique styling can increase your home’s time on the market. Paint over bold, bright colors with neutrals. Replace dark or themed curtains with neutral ones and hang neutral-colored towels in the bathroom. You want the buyers to look at these rooms and see how they could personalize them. You are essentially recreating a blank canvas so they can see how they might incorporate their life into the space.
  4. Repair what needs it. Fix squeaky doors, patch holes, and clean gutters. Take care of all those things that have bothered you. If they bother you or your guests, they will bother a potential buyer.

Get Creative with Furniture Placement

As you have lived in this home, you have arranged the furniture in a way that suits your life. Maybe you don’t entertain company often, but people like to look at a space and think they could have people over. Allow natural light to shine into the room to brighten it up and remove any unnecessary furniture.  You want the furniture to look like it serves a purpose, be it a sitting area or a decluttered bedroom. Bring furniture away from the walls and stage them around a focal point. If the furniture is pushed up against the walls, it creates an illusion that the room is smaller. Make sure there are clear pathways for realtors and buyers to walk around.

Add Subtle Interest

If you want to level up your staging, there are little things you can do to add a pop of interest to each room without personalizing it too much.

Although most of the space will be neutral, you can add pops of color with a few decorations. Plants and fruit bowls are a great way of adding life to a room and making them appear homier. A few simple art pieces will help neutral walls not look too dull, just don’t overdo it. Be sure to remember the rule of threes when it comes to placement. A large, medium, and small item placed together adds visual interest.

Smells can help people visualize their life in a new home too. A plate of freshly baked cookies, a diffuser, or a lit candle can add a homey feel to your room.

Sell Your Home With Counts Real Estate

Now that your home is all staged and ready to be seen, let the real estate agent do their thing. Try not to be around for any showings since this can make the potential buyers feel awkward and breaks the illusion that this is their potential home. At Counts Real Estate, we have the experience that matters. Your home will be in good hands with our realtors while it is on the market. We are dedicated to helping you find the right buyer for the right price. If you are in the Panama City area and are ready to pass on the home that has served you, you can contact us today!

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