Our Top Tips To Declutter and Organize Your Home

Decluttering is a big job. Break the task into stages. You may only focus on one room or zone (i.e., kitchen cabinets), not the entire house. Make a checklist and complete one task or area before moving on to the next.

Start Small

Start easy by tackling just one drawer or cabinet. Beginning with one small area means you’re less likely to be discouraged or overwhelmed. Thinking of your task one drawer at a time is much less daunting than thinking about the entire house! Clear away any clutter and organize a small space – seeing quick results will encourage you to keep going.

Find A Home For Every Item

Things can pile up quickly, but one way to address this (and keep it from happening more in the future) is to ensure that everything has a designated space. Try to store items in the room or area they are used most frequently. Group similar items together. If it’s something you use regularly, make sure it’s easily accessible.

Hold Off On Container Shopping

Many people think that a great way to combat clutter is to stock up on organizing products and big containers. But, according to professional organizer Standoly Robertson, this is a big mistake. Getting organized does not start with purchasing more items – even if they are organizational. Organizing should come after the decluttering stage. Once you’ve finished decluttering, you will have a clearer picture of your belongings and can shop for your specific organizational needs.

Discard or Donate Duplicates

Donating is one of the easiest ways to fight clutter. Have too many coffee mugs? Extra blankets that are never used? Five hairbrushes when one is enough? Sharon Lowenheim, a New York-based organizing expert, suggests implementing the one-in, one-out rule. “Anytime you get something new, get rid of something like it that is old.”

Set A Schedule

Certain areas of your home – like the kitchen counter – probably need daily decluttering and organizing, while other spaces can be addressed weekly or monthly. Set a schedule for when you plan to tackle each room and try to stick to it. Effective decluttering takes time, and keeping your home organized is ongoing.

Make Your Space Yours

Untidy environments have been shown to increase stress for most people. But, with these great organizing tips from Counts Real Estate, you’ll have no problem decluttering and organizing your space efficiently. Having an organized home takes time and upkeep, so remember to give yourself a bit of grace and patience!

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